Hohentauern in Summer

Away from the hustle and bustle, nestled in the mountain range of the “Niedere Tauern” at 1275 m, lies the small, idyllic mountain village of Hohentauern, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain world and natural landscape.

Get out of everyday life and into nature – discover quiet mountain lakes and idyllic spots along mysterious hiking trails where you can recharge your batteries for everyday life and achieve harmony and well-being.

The forest adventure trail offers fun and adventure for young and old. Viewpoints and stations for climbing and balancing provide a fun way to learn how to interact with nature.

The water adventure trail from the pile-dwelling village to the rock and cave world is simply a “must” with children. Run, scramble, play, splash around – and finally hurtle down the 70 m long slope slide.

The Edelrautehütte at 1,725 m above sea level can be reached from Hohentauern on foot (5.5 km) or by car via the toll road. It is the ideal starting point for exploring the nearby large Scheibelsee lake or climbing the surrounding mountains (e.g. Bösenstein 2,448 m; Großer Hengst 2,159 m).

The fantastic mountain area around Hohentauern, the Triebener and Rottenmanner Tauern, as well as the nearby Gesäuse mountains offer so many peaks worth experiencing and climbing that it is always worth coming to Hohentauern.

The Hohentauern fishing club fishes the “Großer Scheiblsee”, one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Niedere Tauern at 1700 m above sea level. Fishing is also possible at the Weberteich. In addition to trout and char, the Weberteich also has massive carp. From the Wuitz trout farm, just 1.5 km from Chalet Triebenstein, fresh trout can be obtained directly from the natural ponds fed by the purest spring water.

In the rock and cave world, you can hike through tunnels and marvel at the mountain arena, the small and large cathedral, climb the Himmelsstiege (20 m via ferrata A0 at the top), enjoy the sunshine in the climbing arena, hurtle down the 70 m long slide, let off steam – there’s plenty of adventure here!

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